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A Perfect Sushi Recipe for Beginners: Smoked Salmon Pressed Sushi

This is a great sushi recipe for beginners because there’s no rolling required!  This recipe is available at Chopstick Chronicles.  I love this recipe because smoked salmon has always been one of my favorite types of fish to use in homemade sushi because it’s tasty and easy. PRESSED SUSHI WITH SMOKED SALMON

The Best Authentic Japanese Sushi Rice Recipe On the Planet!

This sushi rice recipe was passed on to me by my now 80 year old Japanese mother who had it passed to her by her mother back in the 1940’s. My mother, who was always looking for ways to improve her own recipes, talked to many popular sushi chefs in Japan (mainly in the Osaka …

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All-You-Can Sushi in Japan

When we think of Japan, sushi is probably one of the first things that come to mind. It may come as a surprise to you that this world-renowned Japanese food has an inspiring slum dog-to-millionaire history. The sushi that we all enjoy today has its historical roots in fermented fish and rice dishes, but the …

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The Best Sushi Restaurants in Tokyo

Sushi is the specialty of Japanese food. Sushi is widely eaten and appreciated the world over. If you are visiting Tokyo then do not miss the golden opportunity of tasting authentic sushi. Tokyo has many restaurants which serve sushi; some of them are as follows: Sukiyabashi Jiro Sukiyabashi Jiro Restaurant in Ginza serves the best …

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